Tuesday, February 10, 2015

V 5 N. 9 Gathering of Oldtimers in San Diego

The San Diego Times recently reported on a gathering of track old timers at Spaghettini restaurant.  Lots of good pictures of these guys though many in the photo gallery leave the persons unidentified.  Easily found and listed are Bob Seagren, Billy Mills, Lazlo Tabori, Bob Covey, Bill Dotson, Martha Watson, Ernie Shelby, Ron Morris, Jim Bush, Ron Allice, Doug Nordquist,  and many others  If you go about half way down through the article there is a note you can click on to open a bigger picture gallery.   None of those individuals in these photos are identified, but if you enlarge the pictures, sometimes you can read the name tags people are wearing.  Thanks to Mike Solomon for sending this our way.

Ron Morris

Ron Allice

Bob Seagren and Casey Carrigan

Lazlo Tabori

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