Wednesday, November 19, 2014

vol. 4 no. 86 New Look on our Blog

Some of our casual and first time readers are experiencing a new look on our blog. We hope this makes your reading and research into past blog postings much easier to search into and find old posts.  By clicking on any of the boxes, that particular posting will open on a full page.   If you are trying to find a particular article or information about a particular individual or event , go to the white box in the upper right hand corner and type in that person's name.  Then click on the box and any article containing that information will pop up on the screen.  If they appear multiple times, you will have to wade through each posting, but you won't have to wade through every post that we've made over the last four years.

You may also alter the appearance of the blog on your own screen by going to the left side of the page where there is the term   "Timeslide"  shown next to "Home".  Click on "Timslide" and several other format options will open for you to select.  You can experiment and find one that you prefer, or just ignore this option.  To get back to where you began, click on "Home".

If you wish to comment on a posting , I think it will now be easier to do at the end of each article.

Furthermore, creating this new format has somehow bumped up our exposure on the internet.  I don't know why this has happened but maybe some techie reading this can help us out.   Our average number of hits on the site per day was about 250,  but in the last 18 hours it has  been over 1000.

The comments sent to us by several readers have been positive about the new format, so unless something unforeseeable occurs, we will continue on this track.


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