Tuesday, November 25, 2014

v.4 n. 88 Max Truex, a review of history

The text below from Darryl Taylor  came to us through the grapevine, and it is clearly worth sharing with our readers.   It is a brief comment from Darryl about Max Truex and at the bottom are two links to articles about Max's high school and college careers.

Here is a great compilation of articles about Max's Olympic efforts in 1956 
and his high school career that led to his picking USC (University of Southern California)  as
his choice of colleges.  I remember Coach Newman taking us to LBSC in
1957 to a running clinic which featured Max Truex, Bob Shankland and the
Robertson brother twins, Mel and Max. How impressed I was at listening to those
college guys talk about training and racing. In reading about Max's senior year of running the mile, the article explains that the national record of 4:21 was held by Louis
Zamperini.  It then explains that Lou was a great runner who was killed
during the 2nd World 
War!  I guess they didn't get the message. (that he had survived).

One more note on Max:  My dad was a bus driver for the Metropolitan 
Transit Authority in LA. One of his bus route took him right past the Coliseum 
and the USC campus. He would often see Max and his team mates training around 
Exposition Park and over a period of a couple of years,
picked them up and got to talk to them. I had forgotten that Max was the one who broke
Zamperini's National Record in the mile.

High School Career:        http://yesteryear.clunette.com/truexhs.html

College Career:              http://yesteryear.clunette.com/truex.html

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