Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Vol 4 No. 71 Drone Coverage of Cross Country- The Future is Here

If you think you have seen it all with drone technology, go to the youtube address  which I found on the Penn State Track Alum site.

It is a very amateur video of a cross country meet filmed from a drone.   It has a lot of upgrading to do , but the possibilities are something to think about.   Drones are admittedly in the pre-FAA stage now, so all the barnstormers can do just about anything they want with their high tech toys.   There are a lot of positive things that can come from this technology along with all the nightmare scenarios I'm sure that Homeland Security is thinking about.  What if a hundred guys decided they wanted to see the Indy 500 or the Olympics for free using their drone and Go Pro camera?  The venue could be inundated with drones.   In some ways cool, in other ways yikes.   They could crash into crowds and cause injury, they could interfere with outcomes of events.   How might you use a drone to enhance coaching, recruiting, etc. etc.?

Your comments are appreciated.

George Brose

Talk about fast work and improved quality with music.   This site was suggested to us by an anonymous reader.   St. Olaf Invitational.

from Gary Wilson
We wanted to do this for the Griak but our safety dept put a Chi bosh on it. Too bad. 
The guy that did the St Olaf video was all set. 
Hopefully next year.  

For those of you wondering where you cannot fly a drone, here is a link I just found  GB


skwilli said...

Thanks for the hat-tip. I put a link to your blog in the comments, along with a special prize for you! I'll be down there Saturday and I'll have some really poor ground-level video to compare to the aerial stuff! Somehow, I'm the worst photographer on the planet. A drone manned by a chimp would be far superior to anything I would attempt.

Anonymous said...

Check out this video of a different cross country race.

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