Thursday, September 11, 2014

Vol. 4 No. 64 Invitation to Attend the 50th Anniversary of Bob Schul's Tokyo 5000 Meters Victory

I am posting this to all of you all over the world to invite you to celebrate Bob Schul's 50th Anniversary of his Tokyo Olympics 5000 Meters win.  

His email is on the invitation which will be in West Milton Ohio, USA (about 10 miles north of Dayton) approximately October 18, 2014.  If you cannot attend and care to send him a note via email, please do so.  Many of us in  Ohio and the US were deeply inspired by his performances throughout 1964, and they are  certainly well worth remembering.  Please forward the message to any of your friends who might remember him.

Best wishes from all of us, Bob

>I am sending the paragraph below to my entire email address book. I realize that many will not be my former runners but this is the only way I have
>of reaching those who are. Anyway read the paragraph below and if you want to attend send me an email stating such. I think the paragraph explains
>everything. I am talking with the Milton Union school people and they have indicated I can use the facility. About eighty people have indicted they will be attending so far.
>My best,
>To let you know, I am going to have a party on October 18 which is
>        the 50th anniversary of the Tokyo race. I am trying to reach all
>        those who trained with me so they can attend if they can. I am
>        asking all to email me with their intent to attend. That does
>        not mean they are obligated but I have to have a head count so I
>        can obtain a place that is large enough to handle the get
>        together.  Anyway I hope you can attend. I don't have all the
>        emails of former runners so if you could froward this message to
>        any runners you might have, it would be appreciated. Don't worry
>        about duplications as it won't matter if they receive a few
>        emails stating the same. At some date I will decide where the
>        event will take place and send an email to all the first week of
>        October.  Friends who did
>        not train with me have asked if they can attend and that will be
>        fine. Actually anyone who would have interest may attend. I will
>        tell a few stories and I want those who feel like it can come to
>        the mike and  say a few words or tell a story. I am going to
>        video the event so my grandchildren can view it when they are a
>        little older.  The event will be held in the evening, around
>        5:00 and will continue until they kick us out.  You will pay for
>        your own meal but I will try to obtain the best cost. In case
>        you are receiving this from another runner my email is
>  My best,  Bob

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