Thursday, February 6, 2014

Vol. 4 No. 6 Jesse Owen's Medal goes for $1.47 million

The article above (click on it) tells us one of Jesse Owens' four gold medals was recently auctioned off for $1.47 million.   Problem is they don't know for which event the medal could be attributed, because they were not engraved on the back to indicate that information.    This medal came from "Bojangles" Bill Robinson's estate or relatives.  Owens had been a friend of the entertainer and gave him one of the medals.
   Ron Burkle, owner of the Pittsburgh Penguins was the buyer last December 8.  Unfortunately Jesse lost the other three medals. 



Ohio State University displays copies of the other three medals which were reproduced after Owens lost the originals. 

I estimated that Owens ran  1850 meters in competition including the long jump,  9 jumps at 50 meters for each approach, 3 heats and a final in the hundred, same in the 200, and a semi final and final in the 4x100.  That comes out to $79,400 per 100 meters run in Berlin.

 (Keep a sharp eye out in those estate sales.)  I once found a "participant award" in an estate sale in Ohio, from a meet that Owens ran in.  It was  the last national high school championship meet held at the University of Chicago in  1932.  The Great Depression wiped out that meet.  That medal can be seen at Red Edwards' track museum in Sunbury, Ohio.
Lower right gold medal won by first Ohio High School Cross Country Champ
Medallian with a C was a participant medal for all athletes taking part in the national scholastic championships held annually at the U. of Chicago.  Last held in 1932  due to the Great Depression.  I found it in an estate sale several years ago and donated it to the museum.

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Ed Cooke 1908 pole vault Goldlist from Chillicothe, Ohio and long time Oakwood H.S.track coach Dayton ,Ohio. His house was broken into while at a track meet and Gold Medal stolen. It only makes me want to think where that medal went to? Some gold and silver broker had it melted :( Money, Money, Money.....Money!!!!!!

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