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Vol. 3 No. 75 Photos of 1500 WR in the Commonwealth vs. USA meet 1967

David Bailey sent us two pictures of the Commonwealth vs. USA  meet in 1967.  In the press photo Kip Keino leads Jim Ryun and David Bailey.   Second photo Bailey leading Grelle, , unk, Keino , and Ryun.   Ryun set the 1500  WR  at the Los Angeles Coliseum. ed.
Thanks to Orville Atkins for making this possible by contacting David Bailey who sent along the pictures. 
Hi Orville,
Attached are a couple of photos of me at the Commonwealth vs USA match in 1967 in which Jim Ryun broke Herb Elliott's world record for the 1500m in (3:33.1, Keino had a 3:37.2 ed.).
It was a big thrill to be selected to the team.  I hung with the fast pace that Kip Keino set after the first lap but was left in the dust with 300 m to go.  Nevertheless, I still managed a national record of 3:41.
All the best,

The link shows the race from a youtube clip. 
Pete Brown sends us these comments about Canadian runners of more recent vintage.
 My favorite Canadian runner story: On Sunday, July 8, 2001, I had some time to kill while in Halifax before starting an educational tour of the history of Nova Scotia. I took a cab over to a nearby track venue to see a skinny little HS kid from Ontario attempt a 4 minute mile. His name was Nathan Brannen. He closed fast and ran 3.59.85 and it was greeted very casually by all 100 people in attendance. I was probably the most excited person in the stands. Brannan went to Michigan with Alan Webb and made the Canadian Olympic team once or twice I believe.
Nathan Brannen

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