Friday, October 11, 2013

Vol. 3 No. 58 Valiery Brumel remembered in Moscow

George and Roy,
I really enjoy reading your blog.  Mary Ann and I had the opportunity to go to the World Track and Field Championships in Moscow this past August.  One day we were exploring a cemetery not too far from the Olympic Stadium.  We were told that Kruschev was buried there and we were searching for his gravesite.  Well, I came across something better.  How well can you read Cyrllic?

Bob Roncker

Good quote from Geoff Peitsch.

I can't read Cyrillic but I can read high jump form. And Brumel's style was so recognizable.


getting used to tim horton's coffee houses yet? Great photo from russia you just sent.

I remember going to the big indoor meets in L.A. years ago ( sunkist invite and l.a. times meet) and watching the great Russian athletes. When I was a senior in high school competing in an invitational mile run  the sports editor of the now defunct l.a  hearld examiner introduced me to  Gerry Lindgren and Richmond Flowers...pretty cool

but back to Brumel... there was a story that during the ussr vs. usa dual meet taking place in Palo Alto  Brumel walked into the Stanford gym and the Stanford basketball team was working out and they sort of laughed at this guy wearing the CCCP outfit on his sweats....they didn't have a clue who he Brumel runs onto the court and jumps and touches the basket tim with his foot!!! just to shut them up.
 Another h.s. pal saw Brumel work out one day at Orange Coast junior college in Costa Mesa and everyone was in awe watching him work out on the track...things that American jumpers wouldn't even fathom doing!!!.

Mike Solomon

Thanks to Mike Solomon and Phil Scott for reminding us
about this picture.  Phil thought it was in NYC , but the  equipment
looks rather East European.  I recall seeing the photo in
Track and Field News many years ago.  And TF&N has
their name on the pic.

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Misha said...

The Russian reads:

Olympic Champion

Valerii Brumel'


Mike Fein (KU 1977-79)

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