Friday, August 23, 2013

Vol. 3 No. 49 Photos from the 1950's

Some great photos from the 1950's, sent by Jerry McFadden  ,  a 4:05 miler from U. of Missouri , 1963.  He has contributed a number of pieces to the blog.  We ran against each other when I was at the U. of Oklahoma.  We both had served in the Peace Corps, he in Morocco, me in Tanzania, both married French women we met overseas.  Two of the athletes  Jerry coached in Morocco knew me when I lived in Quebec.   For thirty years they always asked me if I knew Jerry and where he was.  We finally reconnected two years ago.  George Brose

I have no idea if these old time photos are of any interest to your blog or not but I thought I would send them along. 

2 are of Vladimir Kuts when he set the 5,000 meter world record at 13:46.8 on September 18, 1956 at Belgrade.

Another is of Zatopek during the 10,000 meters at the European Championships at Bern in 1954

2 are of Roger Bannister winning the 1.500 meters at the European Championships at Bern in 1954

Another of Alain Mimoun in front of Becket in the 3 mile in the France vs. GB at White City in August, 1951 in 14.11.4 

Finally, a photo of a "young" Michel Jazy defeating  Michel Bernard at the French National Championships in August 1956.

All of these were taken from copies of  the magazine Le Reflet du Sport  that I found at the old booksellers along the river Seine in Paris.

Hope all is going well.

Roger Bannister


Michel Jazy leading Michel Bernard

Vladimir Kuts


Mimoun, note the low cut shoes


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