Friday, August 9, 2013

Vol. 3 No. 46 Jack Yerman Biography by his son Bruce

I recently became aware that Jack Yerman's son Bruce recently published a book about his father.  Below is the intro to it from Bruce and a website where you can order it online.   If you go to the link you will be able to open a video of Jack running his opening leg on the 4x400 relay at Rome in 1960.
Ernie Cunliffe informed us that Bruce Hamilton Yerman is named after Brutus Hamilton longtime coach at Cal Berkeley.

Dear George,
Thank you for posting this on your site.  I have tried to write something that fits with the blog.  I hope this works.  Let me know.  I’ll be glad to change it.

Your Time Will Come, Jack Yerman and His Incredible Journey to the 1960 Olympics
by Bruce Hamilton Yerman

Available in hardback, paperback, and ePub @

This book was written by his son, is a labor of love, and a good read.   It is the inspiring story of a boy who overcomes adversity to become a world class athlete, who is a true champion in character and on the track. On the journey, readers are reconnected with great athletes of the era: Rink Babka, Don Bragg, Abebe Bakila, Harold Connelly, Dave Davis, Tom Courtney, Glenn Davis, Otis Davis, Dave Epstein, Olga Fikotova, Elias Gilbert, Dee Givens, Rafer Johnson, Johannes Kaiser, Joe Kapp, Carl Kauffman, Manfred Kinder, Tom Murphy, Bill Nieder, Ray Norton,  Wilma Rudolf,  Hans Reske, Jerry Seibert, Ernie Cunliffe,  Eddie Southern, Max Truex, Stan Vickers, Sam Williams, Early Young,  Lt. George Young, and more. Visit the website, see the video, ENJOY, "Like" it, and let us know what you think!

Jack currently resides in Paradise, California with Margo.  Bruce lives in New Zealand, works with schools in the Pacific islands, and runs fast, jumps high, and shoots the basketball with incredible accuracy -- in his dreams. He is married to Sarah and has five great daughters – and some of them can run.

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