Sunday, March 17, 2013

Vol. 3 No. 17 Tim Danielson New York Times Article

Here is the link to the full story from the New York Times on the Tim Danielson murder case and trial which has yet to take place.   The writer  Jere Longman sent the link to one of our readers, Mike Solomon.

Rather than print the article directly on the blog we give you the opportunity to look it up on your own.  There will be a number of ads attached to it, and we didn't want the blog to go commercial at this time...

In the article there's a link to a youtube of Danielson winning the California State meet for the second time.  Mike Solomon is also seen in that race.

Danielson in 1966 AAU championships second lane trailing Ryun and Burleson.
Richard Romo leading followed by Jim Grelle.  Who is runner outside Ryun?

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