Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Vol. 2 No. 107 50th Anniversary of San Jose State's NCAA Cross Country Championship

Click on this article from the NCAA to read about the 1962 NCAA cross country championship.  How much things have changed.  No qualifying meets in those days,  nobody chasing times or wins qualify for nationals.  If your coach thought your team was good enough, and he had it in his budget, the team or the individual went to the big show.  Usually there were some college division guys who ran if the meet was in their area.  There were two divisions then  University  and College.  they ran at different venues as they do today.  College was the equivalent of D III today.  This was before San Jose was synonomous with the term Silicon Valley.  There was no Apple, Microsoft, or the like,  just Remington Rand and IBM that were making warehouse sized computers.

San Jose State 1962 NCAA Cross Country Champions
Kneeling- Danny Murphy, Ron Davis, Coach Dean Miller, Horace Whitehead
Standing Jose Azevedo, Ben Tucker, Jeff Fishback

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