Sunday, October 7, 2012

Vol. 2 No. 96 Runners on Running, a Book from Rich Elliott

Most of our readers have strong backgrounds in track and field/cross country as athletes or coaches.
Their current professions run the full spectrum of humanity.  A few are published authors, and one that I recently became aware of is Rich Elliott, a former U. of Kansas distance runner.  Rich's book Runners on Running, The Best  Nonfiction of Distance Running has been out since November , 2010, but it's not too late to give it a plug.  ed.

Rich says,
"I know that some of you, like me, may be too hobbled by age to run anymore. But if you are reading George's blog, then you are still reading about running. And perhaps you have a younger friend or relative who runs? In any case, I believe that my book is the best collection of pieces about distance running available--and a flat-out great read for you and other kindred spirits. "
"If you’d like to get my book, you can order it through Human Kinetics; or Amazon, but I’d prefer you buy it from me directly—that way, I can give you a signed copy."

"I’m selling my book for $20; that includes shipping cost. If you are interested, just respond to this email, letting me know your mailing address, how many copies you’d like, and to whom I should inscribe the book(s). Send your check to: Rich Elliott/ 1127 Laurel Ave./ Winnetka, Illinois 60093; and I’ll send you the books."

Runners on Running

Runners on Running, The Best Nonfiction of Distance Running is the ultimate anthology of inspirational stories, humorous accounts, and pivotal moments in the sport. This one-of-a-kind collection includes over 30 unforgettable stories from the most acclaimed writers in running:
  • John Brant
  • Kenny Moore
  • Amby Burfoot
  • Kathrine Switzer
  • Don Kardong
  • Marla Runyan and Sally Jenkins
  • Frank Murphy
  • Pam Reed
  • Mark Bloom
  • Hal Higdon
  • Roger Hart
  • Rachel Toor
  • And More!
The pieces encompass the full range of the running experience, from motivation to frustration to exhilaration. The stories brilliantly capture the essence of the sport.

This year's winner of the Cordner Nelson Book Award, given by the Track and Field Writers of America

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