Monday, August 13, 2012

Vol. 2 No. 78 What about Stephen Kipkotich?

Yesterday I wrote a contact living in Western Kenya near Eldoret where Stephen Kipkotich allegedly trained with some of the local athletes.  I asked Dave if Stephen might have Kalenjin ethnicity or is the similar name to some Kenyan runners just a cooincidence.  I thought it might be like the Smiths of Scotland and the Smiths of England.

Dear George,

People here say that Kipkotich is really a Kenyan. There are no tribes in Uganda with Kalenjin names like his. But he or his parents (grandparents) could have moved to Uganda a long time ago. There is a lot more mixing than the tribalists like to indicate.

We have not had any of the runners in our peace activities, although some athletes have worked in northern Kenya with the Turkana/Pokot/Samburu including doing running races for peace.


I  just looked up Kipkotich on the internet and he comes from the Uganda county right next to Kenya on the back side of Mt Elgon which is inhabited by Kalenjin people. So he is closely related to many of the Kenyan runners. He trained in Kenya.


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