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Vol. 2 No. 72 One more time, and hopefully not the last

I tried to swear off putting anything new on this blog until the London Games (I won't use the word that starts  with an O and ends with an S for fear I might be sued for breach of copyright by the people who think they own the history of Greece along with a television network that starts with an N and ends with a C) are over.  Actually I think it's the International Monetary Fund that now owns Greece.  And this is the third posting since the London Games began.   My apologies.

Well ,  enough of you have sounded off on your displeasure of the way the news about the London Games is being presented to the US public that I feel I should publish some of your comments that have been coming in to my email address   I won't list the names of those who are sending in these comments to save them from litigation later in their lives.   Admittedly most of our writers are 60+ in age and remember the world when it was more provincial,  more naive, and certainly less commercial.

It would be interesting to know, how much of the commentary of the chief spokesperson for the network beginning with N and ending with C is coming from his own brain and how much from a team of writers.  Admittedly no one person could be 'expert' in all the sports that are part of the London Games.   The editor of the blog  Happy Runnings has certainly taken  Mr. BC to task on some of his pronouncements.    My chief complaints are the dragging  track and field out to the limit of my endurance to stay awake.  Of course that is reason for me to get Tivo on my set up and save all that stuff for viewing at my pleasure.   My pleasure though is when the  event is taking place, not six hours later and  squeezed between full start to finish coverage of a beach volleyball match and a waterpolo game.  So there.  I also find it disingenuous when a network can show so little respect that it only names three to four runners in a semi-final.  These are the top dogs in the world in an event that literally the whole world participates in.  I'd like to know the name of the runner from the Ivory Coast and   Azerbaijan,  and if we have an announcer who can pronounce it.   One of our readers also notes that a result is flashed on the screen for no more than two seconds.      If you are dismayed by this,   you must visit the IAAF   ( )website to get all the heat assignments, the biography and progressions of every runner, and their  personal and season bests.  The only thing missing are  their blood types and shoe sponsors.

On another note, I posted the twenty-four names of the first inductees into the IAAF's Hall of Fame.  I knew those choices would produce some outcries, and my colleague Roy Mason has pounced on the IAAF for their failing to include Perry O'Brien and a raft of other stars.   I will let him speak for himself at the end of this.  It is getting late and hopefully I'll be able to stay awake to watch the 400IH and I won't mention to you the winner, as you probably already know, although the people who will be channel surfing after the Bachlorette will get the full effects intended by the network wonks.

Finally, I figured out how to watch uninterrupted coverage of a field event (women's pole vault).  Found it at  It's so nice to see the drama of the event unfold instead of the usual 4 jumps and here's your new champion coverage on the main network.  Can't wait for the men's vault.  Here is a suggestion for all sprinters not named Bolt.  Take up pole-vaulting if you want to ever be the worlds best at something.  Bolt on the other hand should try out for the NFL.

-- Lars (one of George's former vaulters)

Thanks for the notes George.  Of all the things on the internet your Track Blog is more than a little great for us old track guys.  It is a shame to only have the olympics that generates interest in track and field.  When I ran in the 50's, track was really a big deal, little TV but the newspapers really reported it from high school through college.  Oh well.  As far as these olympics are concerned, it is hard for me to even watch them.  NBC has so many commercials it has completely ruined the games for me.  If I don't record what I want to see and be able to fast forward...... I am not sure I would just get the results and video's on the internet.  Anyway, keep up the great work on the blog, you have made a lot of friends.

class of 1958

ARE YOU F-----G  S------G ME?

Parry O'Brien doesn't make it? Bob Beamon and Ralph Boston didn't make it? Ralph Rose doesn't make it? Dan O”Brien makes it, butBob Mathias doesn't? Rafer Johnson doesn't rank ahead of somebody on this list? Junixa Wang (and Qu Yunxia) were so doped up they made the East Germans look like girl scouts. Thank God, the IAAF didn't include Flo-Jo.  Don't get me started.......Do you know the last year that no American runner reached the 400 finals?  It was 1644.  Two guys from Belgium make the finals and no American?  The 4x4 could be very interesting......Proofreading the '62 NCAA meet.  Will be along shortly.   Bob Mathias and Parry O'Brien don't make the cut?  Insanity rules the day  RM


I too am a complainer.

However, my former  teammate, R M in Flint, Michigan told me a couple of weeks ago that if you go to the NBC web site and then to Olympic Games they have a complete time schedule, (some on NBC's other networks and affliliates that will give you programming and channels, etc. sport by sport.

I must admit that since I came home from a trade show in Las Vegas... I have not taken the time to check this out yet, So, I probably have no one to blame but myself.
Also, if any of you have cable or satellite near Canada and can get the Canadian Network, they give great coverage.

I get so sick of that Lady, (Is it Hanna Storm?) who B C interviews most nights, on her little "Kitch" visits to Olympic "Nitches", when I'd like to be watching prelims, semis and finals of track and field -  when they are run and regardless of whether or not there is an American medaling in the event.

I refer daily to the IAAF web site for start lists and results. I do not mind seeing results and, certainly start lists prior to watching the race.
I love seeing the race unfold and feel more informed than if I get the TV coverage with their 2 sec. listing of competitors and then another 2 seconds of the results.
(I do not have a photographic memory.)  I have been printing out start lists and studying them so, I get a little used to the difficult names that come mostly from the middle Eastern and N,. African Countries.

John B

John I think you might mean Mary Cirillo but since I don't watch the NBC  BS as long as B C is on I could have missed Storm if she is the one you actually do mean.
The problem is:  TV coverage has taken the center stage.   I have always hated B C because of his 1980 deification  of the Ice Hockey team. You both could look this up, BUT the 1960 team was way ahead of the 1980 team.  They beat the Czechs  and Austrians in the prelim  rounds. Then they beat the Swedes and Germans in their lst two Championship rounds which set up matches with the Canadians and OH my the Soviets which the US won both.  The final win was against the Czechs which they won for the Gold.   All of this should sound familiar since it is almost the same path as the 1980 team but it was the lst ever win vs the Soviets which would surprise alot of people since Costas seems to tell everyone that the 1980 team was the greatest and they defeated the Soviets which was a Miracle on Ice.  BS    Because hardly anyone had radio or TV coverage of the 1960 win few realize how they were the pioneers and not the 1980 team.   I had a Norwegian runner on my team at Stanford and he merely drove up to Squaw Valley and went into the games free and even covered it for a Norwegian newspaper back home.  He was thrilled to see the US defeat the Soviets but few outside the Squaw Valley area were aware of what it meant.
Thus, I have never liked Bob Costas as he is a self promoter and lives off his Miracle on Ice statement.
There was a hockey coach at the AF Academy who was a silver medal winner in 56, John Matchefts,  and they lost to the Soviets.  John and I talked about the 60 vs 80 team and he said the 60 team was the lst to ever win vs Soviets plus he summarized that it was media hype that got the 80 team all the attention at the expense of the 60 team. 
End of my sermon and bitch.  The Happy Runnings blog is perfect and right on.   But with all the $$ NBC is spending on the games you know that we are stuck with Costas and his bias.  I remember  maybe 3-4 Olympics back a person had the opportunity to purchase live TV coverage at a fairly good price.  This guaranteed you the best coverage much like I expect the Canadian broadcasts are now.

Of course it was Al Michaels not B Cs who made the Miracle call.  I have heard C refer to the game etc and hung the bad guy label on him, but I still don't like him as I am sure he would have made the call if he had been in the broadcast booth instead of or along side of Michaels.  C had a big flap over the Chinese and the drugs their swimmers and runners used in the 90s.


My beef of the day is Felix Sanchez’s Dominican Nationality/Citizenship.

Has he ever been to the Dominican Republic?

 Félix Sánchez

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This article is about the track and field athlete. For the baseball player, see Félix Sánchez (baseball).

Félix Sánchez, (born August 30, 1977) is a Dominican [1] track and field athlete who specializes in the 400 meter hurdles event, where he is the reigning Olympic champion. He is a two-time Olympic gold medallist having also won the title in 2004. He was also world champion in 2001 and 2003. He is nicknamed "Super Felix", "the Invincible", "Superman", and "the Dictator".
Sánchez was born in New York City to Dominican parents and was raised in San Diego,California.[2] He attended University City High School and San Diego Mesa College in the city, and then went on to study psychology at the University of Southern California in 1998.[3][4] He opted to represent the Dominican Republic internationally, and made his debut for that nation in 1999.
Competing for University of Southern California's USC Trojans, he was a Pac-10 champion (400 m hurdles) and All-American relay champion (1600 m) in 1999.[3] Between 2001 and 2004 he won 43 races in a row at 400 m hurdles, including the 2001 and 2003 World Championships. He won a share of the Golden League million dollar-jackpot in 2002 after winning all 7 races.[5]
At the 2003 Pan American Games, Sánchez won the Dominican Republic's first gold medal at the competition and also broke the Pan American Games record in the 400 m hurdles.[6][7] He was named Track and Field News Track & Field Athlete of the Year in 2003. Subsequently, he won the first ever Olympic gold medal for the Dominican Republicon 28 August 2004 during the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece.[8]
During his 43-race winning streak, from 2001 to 2004, Sánchez was known for wearing a wristband while competing. The red flashing wristband, a souvenir from the 2000 Olympics, served as a motivation for him after failing to advance to the final in Sydney. After winning the Olympic gold medal in Athens 2004, Sánchez gave the wristband to the IAAF for auction and the profits were donated to charity. In his first race after the Olympics – and his first race without the wristband – at the Van Damme Memorial meet in Brussels, Sánchez injured his leg and had to abandon the race halfway through.[9] [10]
In 2012, Sanchez entered the London Olympics as a rank outsider after indifferent form. However, he posted the fastest qualifying time, and followed it by winning the final with a time of 47.63 seconds, the same as his winning time in Athens in 2004. Sanchez became the oldest man to win the Olympic 400m hurdles title, and the second consecutive 400m hurdles champion to have won their second title eight years after their first (Angelo Taylorhaving won in 2000 and 2008).


   This (Happy Runnings)  is a bit hard on Phelps yet I have obviously had all of these thoughts.  Excellent comments.   Bill

For those of you expecting a June 1962 report, it will be along shortly in three parts covering the NCAA, AAU, and dual meet with Poland.

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