Monday, April 23, 2012

Vol. 2 No. 42 Photo 1962 NCAA Mile Run

Paul Ebert, a former OU miler sent this to us. Hi George, Paul Ebert here, At the Big Eight 1961 mile I finished 2nd to Bill Dotson in 4:15.9 and there was a scramble, as I outkicked three others for second place. After the race I was doubled over couldn't seem to catch my breath (oxygen debt) Incidently Bill Dotson was Kansas Univ. first sub 4:oo miler, It was 3:59 in 1962 His fastest (he finished 5th in race). enjoy your track info. Paul Ebert 1958-1962 univ. okla.
Ebert at NCAA Mile Eugene Oregon 1962 Ebert, Bill Dotson Kansas, Mike Fleming Nebraska, Barrie Almond Houston, Dyrol Burleson Oregon, Bill Cornell Southern Illinois, Smith BYU

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