Sunday, December 4, 2011

Vol. 1 No. 78 1936 Berlin Olympics sequences

We're going to go a bit out of sequence here, because I've found some great film footage of the 1936 Olympics on Youtube. Most of this was filmed by Leni Reifenstahl, Hitler and Goebbels' film propagandist. The easiest way to view these is go to Youtube and type in "1936 Olympics, Leni Reifenstahl" and the clips will come up and you can choose from all of them. Otherwise you will have to type in the rather complex html's below.

Last two laps of 1500 meters Great footage of Jack Lovelock of New Zealand winning over Glenn Cunningham.

Jesse Owens semis and finals 100 meters

Some of these clips are backed with Pink Floyd music, be prepared.

the 1936 marathon can also be found at

German naratiion, Wagner instead of Pink Flloyd.
Winner was Kiti Son Japan/Korea, 2hr 29min 19 sec
2nd Ernest Harper Great Br. 2hr 31min 23 sec
3rd Nan Shoryu Japan/Korea 2 hr 31 min 42 sec.

US entries Johnny A Kelly 16th

Tarzan Brown and Billy McMahon DNF
Below is a picture of Ellison Tarzan Brown at Naragansett Indian from Rhode Island.

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