Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Vol. 1 No. 58 How to Find old NCAA track Results

I just discovered this site for old archival track results:

Type in this address below and change the year to any year you want. The old hand typed, mimeographed results for that year will come up with every heat listed. On the 1959 meet entries it listed Cliff Cushman as entered in the Triple Jump. No mention if he also did scoring and timing. That's for Roy.


I suppose if you change the year in both places, those years will come up. I have not been able to locate cross country results, but it's probably on the ncaa website somewhere. Happy hunting. Lots of good track trivia to be found. Some incredible placings by lesser known teams in various years. Don't look for indoor track until 1965. That was the first year they started having indoor championships at Cobo Hall in Detroit.


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