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Vol. 1 No. 19 Some clarifications

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I remember Debbie Heald, but not Bob O’Brien. Here is a comment in the LA Times in 2002 about her and Roy Mason: http://articles.latimes.com/2002/jan/14/sports/sp-pucin14

It appears she ran 4:38.5 in HS in the indoor USA-USSR meet in 1972 in Richmond. Didn’t even remember they had indoor meets. Debbie did not make the Olympic team that year. She apparently went to a high school in La Mirada. But, maybe not, since Roy Mason apparently coached her.

*editor's note

*Debbie still holds the high school indoor mile record. Oldest girls hs record. 39 years and counting. Only Gerry Lindgren's 8:40 2 mile is older among the boys.

I see where Bob ran 4:11.9, and went to Bellflower HS. He was third in the state in the mile in 1973. He was the same time as 2d place—Steve Crowley. That name sounds familiar, but can’t place it.


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Big insult to George as I had him at Okla St which was wrong as he was OU.


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Hi Ernie,

I'll send you those articles, but they come in separate emails so you'll get about 7 or 8 for now all with a date on the title. The guy, Roy Mason, who writes them is a retired school teacher/coach living now in Northern California, Ukiah. When he coached in the L.A. area he had a school girl Debbie Heald in 1972 who beat the 1500 meter WR holder, Russian, in the US-USSR dual meet. Her name was Debbie Heald. I think she ran about4:35 for the mile which was the national High school record for many years. He also had a 4:08 HS boy, Bob O'Brien went to UCLA and only scored one point in his three years of eligibility. But the two combined times of Debbie and Bob are probably still the best ever to come from one high school or one hs coach. Just for the record, I went to Oklahoma U. and ran for Bill Carroll. Bill died last year. My best times were 1:51.7 and 4:09.7. Lacked the turnover speed to do much better. About 15 years after college I had a 2hr. 35 min marathon. I coached overseas a bit in Tanzania and Zimbabwe, and Canada, and also at Wittenberg University and U. of Dayton. I'll be back in Africa this summer with my daughter and granddaughter training mediators in the Congo, Rwanda and Burundi. Hope you and your buddies enjoy the articles. Roy has a great sense of humor and is a very good writer. Your recognition of his efforts will be a big thrill to him. I'll forward the email from you to him so he will know. George

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