Wednesday, August 30, 2017

V 7 N. 59 David Torrence UC Berkeley Miler and Olympian Dies in Swimming Pool Accident

David Torrence, former University of California at Berekely miler and distance runner died Monday August 28, 2017  in an accident in a swimming pool in Arizona.  He had reportedly come back from a workout and went into a pool and was later found drowned.  No suspicions of any foul play are indicated.
David Torrence San Jose Mercury News  click here  for a more detailed report.

Torrence represented Peru in the 2016 Olympics and placed 16th in the 5000 meters.  He set a Peruvian record of 13:23.  He also represented the US at the Pan Am Games and won a silver medal in the 5,000.  His mother is a Peruvian national.  Ironically his father died at the same age when David was only 6 years old.

While at Berkeley David broke the 50 years old mile record of Don Bowden at 3:58.62.  Bowden had run 3:58.7.

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