Sunday, February 16, 2014

Vol. 4 No. 8 Renaud Lavillenie New WR in Pole Vault (6.16 meters) (20' 2.45 ")

February 15, 2014.  You can see this incredible jump by Renaud Lavillenie  (6.16 meters) on the following link.
It will also lead you to other links on this magnificent event.  Bubka was present to witness the
breaking of his indoor World Record and on the surface seems quite happy.  The commentary is by Lavillenie's father.  In French svp.  The 20 ft. 2.45 in. is our calculation of the conversion to feet and inches.

I'm breaking out my last bottle of Chateau Lafitte Rothschild 1955 to celebrate.   Vive la France!

Here is a link to Bubka's previous record.


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